At first everyone attends the weekly meeting. Then, so slowly you don't see the pattern right away, one person can't make it this time, then another, then they only tell you right before the meeting (if at all), the meetings notes are no longer circulated, people have to leave early, and those who still attend don't participate as much. Eventually, the meeting will unravel and have to be cancelled.

This is the normal life cycle of meetings and processes: little by little the group's needs change and their priorities shift. It's not a sign that the team has become disrespectful or disengaged - but insisting they adhere to outdated and inefficient rituals will surely turn them that way.

Watch out for the signs and make changes before things become stale: your role is to provide systems that work, that your people find useful. Rules need to be followed, but rules need to be changed, too.







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