Give yourself permission

When we are part of a broken system we often find it safer to bend ourselves to fit in rather than step up and fix it. We tell ourselves we can't do anything about it, because it's not our role, because we'd be stepping on toes, because we aren't good enough, experienced enough, because we're not invited to the right table.

But the truth is, if the system is broken, those in charge aren't good enough or exeprienced enough either, or they have been part of the broken system for so long they can't see another way - and they might need guidance.

Give yourself permission to speak up, to stand out, to say no. Give yourself permission to try new ways, to speak to others about it. Give yourself permission to become the change maker you don't think you can be. You might open up new avenues and if you don't, you'll get so used to the broken system that it will become part of you.







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