Learning to skate

n Canada, children often learn to skate as toddlers, usually taught by their parents. When the children fall on the ice, the parents don't pick up the children, they don't even touch them.

They stand over them, protecting them from other skaters and offering quiet words of encouragement for as long as it takes for the children to get up and stay up.

They don't help the children to their feet or give them reassuring hugs, even as the children slip and fall back on the ice, over and over again.

Eventually, the toddler will stand on her feet and attempt skating again - not scared, not frustrated, not crying, just eager to do better.

This is what good management looks like - invisible but reliable, quietly powerful. Stand behind your team in a way that says "I know you can do this, I don't need to step in; I got your back, but you have to do this alone".







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