Evening walk

Walking is good for several things, in particular problem solving and switching off. That makes it the ideal activity for the end of the day.

Walk home, walk to your public transport stop (or walk to the one after the one you would normally take), walk around the office a few times before driving your car home or park your car further from the office.

The walks will help you digest the day, put perspective on problem areas – don’t overthink things, let your brain wander and it will make creative connections and serve you interesting solutions.

Focus on what your senses pick up: how the light looks at different times of year; the temperature; the smells; the sounds you make and the ones from the environment; the people you see; the architecture of the buildings you pass; the window dressings. Notice the little things. Notice the obvious things.

When you get home you’ll have left work behind and you can reconnect tomorrow.







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