Rules do not have to look like rules

This week will be all about rules: five days and five posts to understand and appreciate rules in a working environment.

Rules are constraining, annoying and unecessary. Or are they? Imaging playing team sports without rules, or with rules that are not being applied consistently.

Rules are necessary for teamwork: they let everyone know what others expect from them and what to expect of others. They make team members predictable so others can accurately second guess them and be there to help before they even know they need help.

Rules come with immediate consequences to create a self-sufficient system that works without outside constraints.

Rules are highly visible, explained and clarified as many times as is needed so that no one is surprised when they are applied.

Rules must be applied in a predictable, fair and consistent manner.

Rules are reviewed and updated regularly to remain relevant and effective.

Rules do not have to be red tape, overpowering or self-serving. They do not have to be introduced from the top down. They do not have to serve those who are not required to follow them. Rules do not even have to look like rules.

Rules can be anything you want them to be in order to add the structure you need to make the team more self-sufficient and supportive of each other.







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