Introducing: Eric Barker

Once a week we share someone else's work: a blog, a presentation, an article ... preferably from outside the video games industry to introduce new ideas.

Eric Barker manages a blog called Barking Up The Wrong Tree, presenting science-based answers and expert insight on how to be awesome at life.

It's worth subscribing for the well written, argued and presented emails he sends each month. They are easy to read and it's a good opportunity to make a little time to read something genuinely useful to yourself: it's selfishness that will benefit all those around you.

In particular, he has written a post on Samurais and how to always be at our best, which is exactly what this website is about, just explained much better - and with quotes from actual Samurai.

And this one is about the impostor syndrome (when you feel like a fraud)

Happy reading.







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