How to become an agent of change

It's very hard to solve a problem no one else sees: the change that comes with the solution is resented and prevents any support or buy-in. It is met with resistance and the argumentation takes more time and energy than accepting the solution would.

But of course you know this because you have been the one who tried to solve problems before. And although you haven't found a way to do it painlessfly you still continue to initiate changes you think will benefit the group. You could give up but you carry on even when it makes you frustrated, angry and tired, resentful that no one sees how the change will benefit everyone.

So when you recognise that behaviour in someone else, pay attention: they might just be trying to help you solve a problem you don't see yet. Stop fighting them and start listening: just because they aren't very good at explaining what they are trying to achieve doesn't mean they don't have a point.

Whether it's a colleague, a client, a manager: when you understand what they want to do, join forces and help them. Just because it's not your idea doesn't mean you can't help make it even better. And you might just make yourself an ally you can use next time you want to initiate a change.







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