Work/Life balance doesn't mean what you think it means

Work-life balance doesn’t mean making arrangements to share your time better between home and office.

Work-life balance is about making room for all the parts of your life: professional, spiritual, intellectual and emotional. And that’s a lot harder than working out ways to get home on time to spend time with your children before bed or take on extra-curricular activities.

This is important because the quality of your work and how good a colleague you are depend directly on how fulfilled you are as a person, a community member, a friend, a family member.

Work/Life balance isn’t going to happen on its own or with the help of your employer, no matter how understanding they are: they can only make ajustments to what happens in the workplace, which is only one side of the problem.

You must take this into your own hands: decide what your Work/Life balance looks like and what changes you need and are willing to make. It means that in addition to finding the time, you need to find the way to keep the right mindset, the focus and concentration, the energy, the drive and commitment to fulfill all those parts of your life.

You’ll have to prioritise (which means saying no), compromise (which means letting people down) and organise (which means making comitments).

And when you have finished balancing it all you might just realise that having a fullfilling job isn't even a necessity.







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