"People like us don't do things like that"

It's tempting to let thing slide when someone does or says something objectionable, to keep our head down, to not make noise, lest we become part of the problem too.

While this may be the wisest solution in the short term, it will backfire eventually: we can't ignore our values and still stand proud of ourselves, we can't let our work environment degrade and still be able to do our best work. If you keep quiet, who will speak up?

The most powerful we can do to earn respect from ourselves and others is to call out one of our own when they cross the line. "People like us don't do things like that".

This is when others start to believe you really care about something more than being right, when they start to look up to you, do follow you. Slowly, you'll create a 'tribe' and that's and when you can start to make real change happen.







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