Introducing: James Altucher

Once a week we share someone else's work: a blog, a presentation, an article ... preferably from outside the video games industry to introduce new ideas.

James Altucher is many things so I'll let Wikipedia explain it better: an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, andpodcaster. He has founded or cofounded over 20 companies, including Reset Inc. andStockPickr and claims to have failed at 17 of them. He has published 11 books, and is a frequent contributor to publications including The Financial Times,, TechCrunch,Seeking Alpha, Thought Catalog, and The Huffington Post. USA Today named his book "Choose Yourself" among the 12 Best Business Books of All Time.

It's the author part that is interesting. His books are worth reading, but his blogs are more interesting still: shorter, very personal, very raw, a little scattered, full of points that make you think. His style is messy and it isn't for everyone, but they are entertaining even if you disagree with the content (he likes being controversial, two points he likes to make time and time again is encouraging people to rent homes (never buy) and not to send their children to college).

This is his web blog:

He's on Twitter (@jaltucher) and Facebook too (







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