Introducing: Mike Cohn and Mountain Goat Software

Once a week, we share a link to another website or author whose content is relevant to you. Today, we post a link to Mike Cohn's website called Mountain Goat Software.

Mike is an expert in SCRUM/Agile development and offers courses and books on his website. But even more interesting is his blog where he discusses a specific point of Agile every month - and the comments allow you to ask questions and/or read other people's experiences.

His blog posts are very specific and target problems we've all had with Agile: do we have to write the stories with the 'so that'? What if the story is a tech item only and has no value to the user? Must you complete all the stories before the end of the sprint?

His blog posts are also surprisingly non-partisan: very often he offers solutions that aren't 'pure Agile'but still work in spirit and without contradicting yourself to the team you're trying to convert.

Try it and let us know what you think of Mountain Goat Software.

Note: Samurai Game Makers is not affiiliated with Mountain Goat Software or Mike Cohn and do not profit in promoting either. This recommendation is made purely because we have found these products to be useful and relevant to our professions.







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