Neither half full nor half empty, but twice as large as it needs to be

Projects and people are frustrating only because of your expectation that they won't be.

There will always be problems and there will always be underperformers - as soon as you solve one set, another one will come in the picture. Repeatedly. Endlessly. That's how it works.

You can work to make it better and reduce the rate at which problems happen, but it won't stop.

In a way that's why you're here: if everything ran smootly you probably wouldn't be needed.

if you expect anything else you're letting yourself down and you'll slowly collapse under the weight of the improbable dream of a problem-free environment; you might even start chasing that dream from team to team, company to company, career to career. Stop now. Don't go looking for something that doesn't exist, something you made up.

The solution isn't in finding a better environment, the solution is in you: manage your expectations to preserve your sanity. If the glass isn't the right size, don't fret over the empty part - get another one that fits.







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