Get a new perspective on your problem by solving someone else's

When you just have too many unsolved problems it feels like they pile up faster than you can solve them - that feeling of being unable to address the issues in a satisfying way creates pressure points and stress ... which in turns bogs you down, clogs your mind and makes you grumpy, impatient and short.

Step away from your problems, but instead of just taking a walk around the building, try listening to someone else’s problems instead. If you ask people in your company how things are going and look like you actually want to hear the answer, you won’t have to look for long.

As you listen to their problem, try to make them see the positive side, offer solutions, share a similar experience, make them see the funny side. Because it’s impossible to feel both positive and negative at the same time, you’ll move your own brain out of its negative groove - that’s when you can turn back to your problems, with a clear head and a new way of seeing things.

As a secondary benefit, you’ll gain insight into someone else’s sphere, you'll build a reputation for being generous with your time and knowledge, and you just might actually help them solve their problem too. What’s the reason not to try it?







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