Make the little things take care of themselves so you have enough bandwidth to solve the real proble

Your time is wasted when you have to solve problems that you wouldn't need to if things were done better: finding out whether someone will be in the office today, looking for office supplies, using the wrong build number, working on an item that is being redesigned, phone lists that aren’t up to date, a new starter who doesn’t have access to folders on the server, etc.

There are simple processes and systems to prevent this from happening: figure out what they are and enforce them. They can be as simple as a naming convention for files or a board to list what bug people are working on.

You will then have enough bandwidth (time, money, energy, morale) to prevent and solve the real problems (the difficult technical issue, the creative or design question) that will make you stand out and shine while everyone else is still trying to work things out.

And when you got enough people wondering how you do it, roll it out to the rest of the company and take the credit due to you.







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